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compatible Black on Green TZe-751 TZ-751 24mm laminated label tapes for Ptouch label printers Original than original
100% compatible with Ptouch series label printer with a variety of sizes available, adapted to different models. Strong adhesiveness
Our glue adopted Germany imported glue. Once the label was pasted, it could be permanently pasted, we can ensure that it would not fall off for up to ten years. Specifications
√ Anti-Corrosion
√ Anti-High/Low Temperature
√ Waterproof
√ Anti-Abrasion
√ Strong Adhensive
√ Anti-Fade Compatible Machines Brother TZ Tape Compatibility Models 1/4\' 3/8\' 1/2\' 3/4\' 1\' 3/2\' 6mm 9mm 12mm 18mm 24mm 36mm Gl100,PT200,PT1000,PT1000BM,PT1010,
PT-D200,PT-H100,PT-E106,PTE200 PT18R,PT300,PT-300B,PT310,PT310B,PT320,PT340,ST1150,
ST5,PT-H300,PT-E300 PT330,PT350,PT520,PT540,PT580C,PT1400,PT1500PC,PT1600,PT1650,PT2200,
PT2700,PT2710,PT2730,PT2730VP,PT7500,PT7600,PT-H500,PTE500 PT530,PT550,PT3600,PT9200PC,PT9200PX,PT9400,PT9500PC,PT9600,PT9700PC,PT9800PCN
If the model of your machine was not listed in this table, please feel free to contact us. Applications
TZ labels are widely used in life, Office, Electric power and Telecom industry, etc. Colors&Sizes
Standard laminated label tapes(8m) Color 6mm 9mm 12mm 18mm 24mm 36mm Black on Clear TZ2-111 TZ2-121 TZ2-131 TZ2-141 TZ2-151 TZ2-161 Black on White TZ2-211 TZ2-221 TZ2-231 TZ2-241 TZ2-251 TZ2-261 Black on Red TZ2-411 TZ2-421 TZ2-431 TZ2-441 TZ2-451 TZ2-461 Black on blue TZ2-511 TZ2-521 TZ2-531 TZ2-541 TZ2-551 TZ2-561 Black on Yellow TZ2-611 TZ2-621 TZ2-631 TZ2-641 TZ2-651 TZ2-661 Black on Green TZ2-711 TZ2-721 TZ2-731 TZ2-741 TZ2-751 TZ2-761 Red on Clear TZ2-112 TZ2-122 TZ2-132 TZ2-142 TZ2-152 TZ2-162 Red on White TZ2-212 TZ2-222 TZ2-232 TZ2-242 TZ2-252 TZ2-262 Blue on Clear TZ2-113 TZ2-123 TZ2-133 TZ2-143 TZ2-153 TZ2-163 Blue on White TZ2-213 TZ2-223 TZ2-233 TZ2-243 TZ2-253 TZ2-263 Gold on Black TZ2-314 TZ2-324 TZ2-334 TZ2-344 TZ2-354 TZ2-364 White on Clear TZ2-115 TZ2-125 TZ2-135 TZ2-145 TZ2-155 TZ2-165 White on Black TZ2-315 TZ2-325 TZ2-335 TZ2-345 TZ2-355 TZ2-365 White on Red TZ2-415 TZ2-425 TZ2-435 TZ2-445 TZ2-455 TZ2-465 White on Blue TZ2-515 TZ2-525 TZ2-535 TZ2-545 TZ2-555 TZ2-565 White on Green TZ2-715 TZ2-725 TZ2-735 TZ2-745 TZ2-755 TZ2-765 Black on Gold TZ2-811 TZ2-821 TZ2-831 TZ2-841 TZ2-851 TZ2-861 Black on Matte Sliver TZ2-M911 TZ2-M921 TZ2-M931 TZ2-M941 TZ2-M951 TZ2-M961 Black on Matte Clear TZ2-M11 TZ2-M21 TZ2-M31 TZ2-M41 TZ2-M51 TZ2-M61

  • Type: Ribbon
  • Applicable Equipment: Label Printer
  • Feature: Compatible
  • Brand Name: PUTY
  • Compatible Brand: Brother
  • Size: 110*90
  • Model Number: TZ-751
  • Color: Black on Green
  • Length: 8m
  • Width: 24mm
  • Material: PET
  • Laminated Labels: Yes
  • Printing Method: Thermal Transfer Printing
  • Packing: Neutral packing

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.196kg (0.43lb.)
  • Package Size: 16cm x 8cm x 12cm (6.30in x 3.15in x 4.72in)

SKU: r23249

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